LaSasha Flame
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 326

Rike And Amelia’s Story Is No Accident! Their Dance Of Love, Hate, And Lust Is A Trigger To The Apocalypse.Rike West Everyone Fears Me. But I Don’t Mind It. There Is Power In Fear.I Earned Every Drop. Every Quiver. Every Scream.Problem Is…That Same Fear Is Standing In The Way Of Me Taking What Belongs To Me.I Thought Claire Was The Answer To My ProblemsSo I Married Her.Then The Gods Laughed And My True Mate Amelia Showed UpAfter I Already Said I Do.And Because Fate Is Cruel To Monsters Of The WorldsAnd The Villains Never Win…My One Chance At Love Hates My Guts.But That’s Okay…Because I Don’t Need LoveI Need An HeirAnd She Will Be My Queen And Birth My ChildrenWhether She Likes It Not.I Am Not The Prince In This FairytaleI Am Rike WestAnd She Will Learn Why They Call Me The Dark King******************************Amelia TorrinFuture Queen Of The Dark Moon Empire?Ha… I Think Not!Yeah He ...
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