Ethan Westfield
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 414

Jefferson Dugarall has been known as one of the most successful Pinkerton detectives for a large part of his career. However, life hasn't always treated him fairly; he was just an innocent boy when he witnessed the cruel death of his entire family without his will. The suspicious signs of a possible murder, rather than an inevitable accident, though, made him more determined to follow the career of a detective. Will he finally achieve to interpret the clues leading up to this traumatic event?Grace Ridley had always been dreaming of doing more than just being a housewife. Although her choices were always limited, living miserably with her sister and two vicious men, she never gave up. Her recruitment as an undercover spy for the Pinkerton Detectives will be a risky decision, but a major milestone to her personal growth. When a heinous crime is committed, a perfect opportunity arises for ...
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