Tikiri Herath
Publisher: Rebel Diva Academy
Pages: 50

A reckless girl. A grave mistake. All she wanted was to belong. THEN, SHE COMMITTED AN UNFORGIVABLE CRIME.Asha is the outsider. The black sheep. The girl no one wants. But she’s no pushover. Asha has nerves of steel and a determination to remain independent and free...One day, she steals a pair of ruby red slippers in a desperate bid to not lose a treasured friend.What she doesn’t realize is her small misdeed has got the attention of the most ruthless man in town. The cruel thug who rules the dark underworld of human trafficking.Will he let her get away with it? Or will he entrap her too?She doesn’t know it yet, but her petty mistake will haunt her and her friend for the rest of their lives….This is the beginning of the Red Heeled Rebels series.
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4.5 stars from 33 ratings
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