Auryn Hadley
Publisher: Spotted Horse Productions
Pages: 1569

The Demons' Muse: Volumes 1-3 is the first of two box sets in this series. The Kiss of Death - Book 1: I always imagined Death's final kiss would be cold. It wasn't.Four years later, I can still remember the exact shade of his skin: a blue so pale it looked like moonlight. I dream of his touch. Mostly, I paint the man under the heavy cowl, including those perfect lips which ruined mine for anyone else. I'm obsessed with him. For Love of Evil:I'd always thought bad boys were sexy, but this was taking it to the extreme.Clearly, I had issues. After becoming obsessed with Death, the angels came for me, and then I ended up in Hell. Oddly, that sounds a lot worse than it really is. Don't get me wrong, the demons in this place are pretty annoying, but there are a few perks.At least four of them.Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Samyaza.The Sins of Desire:We're taught that people are sinners or ...
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