Stephanie Bond
Publisher: Stephanie Bond, Incorporated
Pages: 182

You can't judge a girl by her cover...I work for a NYC magazine, so you'd think my life would be fascinating, right? Notsomuch... until my girlfriends dared me to have a one-night-stand to celebrate my birthday to, um... use a naughty gift they gave me. Hunky outdoorsman Sam Somebody from the bar was happy to oblige, and friend, it was a night to remember. I thought I'd never see him again, so imagine my surprise when he was the guest of my next morning editorial meeting--as the cover story. Can you say awkward?(Here's where things get really weird.) When my boss became convinced our magazine had fallen under a "cover curse," she sent me to Nowheresville, USA to man-sit Sam under the cover of a writing assignment. I'm trying to keep a professional distance, but he's wearing me down. And since I've never been outside the city, my unmatched clumsiness might put Sam in more danger than ...
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