Sir. Constantine
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 130

Want to lead the rewarding life you’ve always dreamed about? You’ve got a goal in mind that you want to achieve?It’s exciting, and you’re looking forward to it!But somehow you feel a little stuckIt’s big enough to be overwhelming, and you’re not exactly sure how you’re going to reach it because it all seems so complicated.Maybe you’ve tried it before, but you couldn’t seem to make progress, especially past the first plateau.Good news- you’ve picked up the right book to help you uncover the secrets to success once and for all! Any journey, no matter how long or complicated, begins with one small step.In The Power of Small Habits, you’ll discover: How to develop the correct mindset, a fundamental first step to any success.How to set your goals so that you can achieve them successfully.The secret behind Willpower and how it works.How to deal with failure.Why people ...
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