Jeff Bond
Publisher: Jeff Bond
Pages: 282

GOLD MEDALIST (TOP PRIZE), 2020 INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER BOOK AWARDS, POPULAR FICTION CATEGORYFrom the author of The Winner Maker and Blackquest 40 comes The Pinebox Vendetta: a genre-bending thriller that combines a love story, cold-case murder mystery, and political blood feud — told over the course of a single breathless weekend.The Gallaghers and Pruitts have dominated the American political landscape dating back to Revolutionary times. The Yale University class of 1996 had one of each, and as the twenty-year reunion approaches, the families are on a collision course.Owen Gallagher is coasting to the Democratic nomination for president.Rock Pruitt — the brash maverick whose career was derailed two decades ago by his association to a tragic death — is back, ready to reclaim the mantle of clan leader.And fatefully in between lies Samantha Lessing. Sam arrives at reunion weekend ...
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