Daneyal Anis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 57

*Start your Data Science career using Python today!*Are you ready to start your new exciting career? Ready to crush your machine learning career goals?Are you overwhelmed with complexity of the books on this subject?Then let this breezy and fun little book on Python and machine learning models make you a data scientist in 7 days!First part of this book introduces Python basics including:•Data Structures like Pandas •Foundational libraries like Numpy, Seaborn and Scikit-LearnSecond part of this book shows you how to build predictive machine learning models step by step using techniques such as:•Regression analysis•Decision tree analysis•Training and testing data models•Tensor Flow, Keras and PyTorch•Additional data science concepts like Classification Analysis, Clustering, Association Learning and Dimension ReductionThe final part of the book provides a structured framework on how to ...
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