Liv Reshelle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 119

Jewel was a party girl, that was her life up until the day she had to take over the family business. Pretty in the face, cold inside and a heart made of ice. Her lover Vega, a guy she had been dating for a while, couldn’t do right by her. Finally, she left him alone and was trying to swear off men until she met Armani. A God-like Creature. Although they were both busy, he made it his business to be wherever she was to be in her presence. In this first part, you will witness A love that shouldn’t have existed on his end. But when Vega and Armani’s ex link up and try to sever the relationship that Armani And Jew have, it gets messy, and somebody ends up dead. A match made in heaven and somebody tries to break it to pieces, but in the end, Love Prevails, or does it?
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