Linda Heavner Gerald
ASIN: B0851NC8T3
Publisher: Lime Pie Publishers
Pages: 257

CLAIRE’S HOUSELocal folklore in the bayous of Louisiana states that Claire's House once stood on an unusual plot of land. Many men perished, trying to own that unique property. The Gautier family obtained the cherished place. Beloved members of this French family finally decided to build a second home there. The beautiful antebellum home which they designed won everyone's heart in the New Orleans area. Eventually, tales of strange occurrences resulted in the local's fear of the great house. Was it true that it even became a "House of Ill-Repute" by the Madame Savannah? Such strange stories circulated. Many stated that the House could feel the emotions of those who inhabited her. This noble structure stood for many decades until the death of the most beloved owner, Savannah. Upon her death, it is said that Claire's House self-imploded. Although she was named Claire's House, someone ...
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