Fanny Finch
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 588

Spying on a Duke may be risky, but falling for one may be even riskier...When James Hastings, the Duke of Wallasey, returns to England after a long absence, he is greeted with betrayal, ruthless gossip, and a terrible accident.Now, trying to recover from heartbreak, survive the rumors and care for his mother, James has never felt more desperate for help.If only there was someone who could help him manage this mess...Alice Addington, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Drakemyre, has lost everything. When she starts looking for employment that will help her take care of her sister and save their name, her path crosses that of the Duke of Wallasey.But Alice may have more than one reason to stay close to the Duke. As their feelings grow warmer towards each other against their intentions, the secrets that brought them together will rise to threaten what they fear to lose more than ...
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