Max Walker
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 322

SAM CLARKFamily, friends, and video games. The three things that define my life.When a fourth variable gets added in the form of a smoldering detective named Rocky Hudson, suddenly everything changes. Life isn’t as simple anymore, and it begins to start feeling like a new world is opening up to me.A new world filled with firsts.But things take a turn and instead of awkwardly flirting, I find myself trying to convince Rocky that I shouldn’t be a suspect in the case he’s investigating.Our connection starts off on shaky ground and my daydreams about the handsome man quickly fluctuate from me ringing his neck to him ringing my… like I said, shaky ground.Bottom line though: I couldn’t stop thinking about him.And soon, I wouldn’t ever want to stop.ROCKY HUDSONTragedy made me who I was, cementing the brick wall I had built around myself after the hurt subsided. The only time I’d ...
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