Ann Marie Scott
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 213

The only way to save her birthplace? Seducing an enemy.When Englishman Adam Cameron reads the will of his late Aunt's Scottish husband, he can not believe his eyes. Adam has inherited the land and title of Laird Mackintosh, even though he does not have a drop of Scottish blood in his veins!Traveling to the Highlands to see his new property, Adam faces nothing but distrust and hostility.The only exception is Emilia, a stunningly beautiful lass that appears to be the only one able to speak common English and communicate with him.Adam, feeling unwanted, and not knowing who to trust, loses interest in getting the title and decides to sell his property.But Emilia is not willing to let her birthplace be ruled by devious people creeping in the shadows ready to take Adam's title.Emilia has to uncover the whole ploy and get Adam on her side quickly as opponents are secretly arming their men and ...
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