John Battenfield
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 349

A rugged survivor of a global war, Ezasen finds himself on a rebooted tropical world without technology where giant flora and fauna mingle with angels and a new caste of powerful, perfected humans. He learns that the God King has established His throne and rules with swift justice and a rod of iron. From warring tribes wielding sticks, long-lived Ezasen watches a largely ignorant and stiff-necked culture advance to interplanetary terraformation and interdimensional travel.Ezasen has a thousand years to help rebuild civilization and persuade his descendants that the King is also their Judge, that a seething evil resides in each one of them, and that regardless of which age they live in, Jesus is still the answer to their every longing.“Ezasen thrust his elbows out, trying to keep his feet as the crowd washed relentlessly down the dirty street. The reek of smoke and blood offended his ...
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