Dane Krauss
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 88

Learn to learn effectively and maximize your results!If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of accelerated learning, you may be going about your studies all wrong. Motivation is pivotal to success, but raw drive isn’t enough to carry you ahead in life. Don’t just work hard. Work smart, and you can realize any dream.With decades of research under his belt, author Dane Krauss delivers a life-changing course on maximizing efficiency in day-to-day life. This is your key to boosting memory, studying wisely, and flying high. So, don’t delay. The answers that you seek are surprisingly simple!Inside discover a world of knowledge:The tried and true accelerated learning techniques . . . The different types of memory and how to fully master each . . . Effective tactics pertinent to any business training context . . .How to tackle brand-new subjects speedily (and painlessly) . . . How to best apply ...
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