Jena Wade
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 83

Tony wants nothing more than to be a good dad to his two kids. Purchasing an apple orchard and moving his kids out of the city and into the country life seemed like the best way to do that. He didn’t let himself think about the connection he’d made with the omega from the bachelor auction, until that omega landed on his doorstep as the travel writer doing a feature article on his orchard. Jerry has never been good at relationships. His career comes first, it always has, and now he finally has a job that he has always dreamed of. He wasn’t going to let an attraction to the alpha he bought at the bachelor auction stop him from living his dream. After one wonderful night together, the two parted as friends, knowing a relationship would go nowhere. They never envisioned that four months later, Jerry would be at Tony’s apple orchard to do an article for work. They really never thought that ...
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