Pippa Grant
Publisher: Bang Laugh Love LLC
Pages: 305

"I've wanted to kiss you for weeks.""Kiss me? I thought you wanted to throttle me.""Kissing and throttling aren't mutually exclusive with you."Tripp Wilson has to go.Yes, yes, he’s gorgeous, he’s an adorably patient mess of a single dad, he kisses like a god, and he’s possibly the only person in the world who can turn around this baseball team I just inherited, but still, he has to go.I don’t trust him.That kissing thing?Let’s call it a mistake. Pretty sure he’d agree. After all, he was the one pretending to be someone else when it happened.But if I don’t take him on as the president of operations of the Copper Valley Fireballs, the worst baseball team in the history of professional sports which now belongs to me, I’ll be forced to sell the one last link I have to my family.But there will be no more kissing. No more flirting. And no more swooning over him with his two preschoolers.First ...
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