Alisa Adams
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 205

Following his King's orders means abandoning his newfound love.Wolfram Gunn McKay is a renounced warrior and not happy at all to be sent by his King on an errand to locate a child, much less to have to go to the most northern, isolated, dismal, and windy, part of the Highlands.That place is home for the redhead beauty Swannoc McKinnon, who is living a harsh life there. She is struggling daily to take care of the few children and women left after the devastating second Clearance that burned Brough Castle and made it almost unlivable. Swannoc decides to gather the children and women and head to Fionnaghall as soldiers are coming back again and again, and it seems they are looking for something... or someone. On their way, Swannoc's group encounters Wolfram, and he decides to go out of his way as he can not leave the beautiful woman and her group of children alone. Soon Wolfram will ...
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