E. M. Forster
Publisher: Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Pages: N/A

A prophetic story about social isolation and dependence on technology written over a century ago by the Nobel Prize–nominated author.   In a future version of planet Earth, most of the human population doesn’t venture above ground. Rarely do they even leave their own rooms, in which all of their needs are met by the Machine.   The Machine allows the humans to communicate “ideas” with one another, which is essentially their only activity. It doesn’t stop them from leaving their rooms, but they have little desire to do so anyway. They’ve started to believe the Machine is omnipotent and omniscient, not to be questioned. And when it begins to malfunction, they trust that it knows what it’s doing—forgetting they invented it in the first place . . .   From the author of A Passage to India, A Room with a View, and other classic novels, and a sixteen-time nominee for the Nobel Prize in ...
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