Amy von Borstel
ASIN: B085HPP215
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 113

Are you feeling desperate as you’re watching your children face predicaments that seem impossible to overcome? Desperation is the perfect opportunity for a miracle to be birthed. God hears the desperate cries of mothers. A mom’s prayer is powerful and can move mountains as we release our children into the hands of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised all things would be possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23). The Desperate Mom’s Prayer Book is an updated and expanded version of the author's previously published eBook. It is an inspirational resource for mothers who feel desperate and concerned about the perils that threaten the youth. Amy von Borstel provides more than seventy-five heartfelt prayers along with inspiring testimonies of the power of prayer working in the lives of her daughter and son. The book is intended to inspire mothers and grandmothers to pray bold, faith-filled prayers ...
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