Martin Jones
Publisher: Ripping Yarns UK Publishing
Pages: 145

This is the third book in the Hand of Destiny Science Fiction series, which leads directly from Book 2, and sees a secure and successful outcome to the resetting of the universe, after initial problems, and things seem to bode very well for the future. However, not everything is as it seems, and pride, they say, does come before a fall. In a fast pace adventure across space and time, this book identifies just how much things can go wrong, with at times upsetting outcomes and extraordinary challenges. How can the Hand of Destiny cope with such a disaster? What is the Chronos device, and what is the Book of Eden? In a sometimes shocking third installment to the series, we witness the destruction of mankind, with just a few left in the Hand to bring about an impossible reversal. Can they really go back in time, and what will they discover by doing this? What is the true relevance of the ...
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