Carina Taylor
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 265

A condemned apartment building means I’m stuck sleeping in my car. My carefully planned future—gone. It’s just bad business to admit to being homeless when you’re the top selling real estate agent in the county. So when a fellow evictee, Nola, comes up with a solution to my homeless situation, I take her up on her offer.An empty house with a gorgeous roommate? Sign me up. I didn’t know that staying at her friend’s house would lead to us pretending to be married. I didn’t know I would get elected to be president of an HOA I have no business being a part of.And I’m beginning to suspect my beautiful, devious, fake wife isn’t telling me everything.What happens when we get another roommate, and our deception moves to the next level?Nola is the whirlwind I didn’t want in my life—but she just might be exactly what I need.
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