Dwai Lahiri
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 48

The Night I died and Other Short Stories is a compilation of short stories written over a span of twenty-odd years. The first three stories in the book comprise a short-story trilogy called ‘The Pagla Baba Trilogy’. Pagla is an Indian colloquial term meaning “crazy” and Baba is a term used varyingly to call one’s father, or elderly men, especially the renunciants of the Indic spiritual traditions. These three started this author off on his fiction writing adventures. The first two stories are about the protagonist who has a life-transforming encounter with someone he had written off as a destitute on the streets. The stories delve into various aspects of the individual’s psyche and his quest for self-improvement and regaining balance in his life. The third story is about a mentally challenged young boy growing up in a remote village in India. The fourth story is a supernatural tale that ...
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