Dea Skye
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 165

No one expects to find love while struggling to overthrow an evil king!WiphasAs the most wanted man on Xertia, Wiphas lives life on the edge. The last thing he needs is dependent-but that's just what he gets after saving the would-be sex-slave, Shane. Now Wiphas has a decision to make... Part of him wants to abandon the human omega and keep his focus on leading the rebellion. Another part of him can't help but become enraptured by the gorgeous man's glistening eyes...ShaneArt Student Shane was living a privileged life as the son of a wealthy yet heartless diplomat. His corrupt father decided to gift Shane to his business partner, the King of Xertia, as a way to get rid of him after he came out as gay. Before he can seal Shane's fate, Xertian rebels attack his ship, his son gets kidnapped by the infamous rebel leader Wiphas. Now Shane needs protection, both from his father and the king ...
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