Lydia Kendall
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 304

Love killed his duty and gave birth to vengeance...When her father announces their impending visit to Scotland, Orella Fortestine is overjoyed. However, her plans for an uneventful stay are ruined the moment she meets a dashing but forbidden Highlander…Ramsay Leochan, younger brother of the Laird of Brahanne, is duty bound to marry a woman he will never love. But when a gorgeous English lass pays a visit to his castle, he is unable to control himself around her.Their passion rules them, and they must obey, or they will be burned. Until their hopes are crushed by a marriage proposal that no one saw coming…A goblet filled with poison puts Orella’s own flesh and blood in prison, and Ramsay has but mere hours to save her from suffering a similar, if not worse, fate. Unbeknownst to both of them, they have been playing into a ploy; a ploy that was born on either side of the border long before ...
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