Victoria Collette Jones
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 160

Have you noticed that we live in turbulent economic times?Additionally, are you aware that the gravity of the wars around the world in the last one hundred years depended on our money and the different theories of how our money should be managed? In our current world, all the local population can do, while managing their place in the economic cycle, is sit and watch in horror while the debate about economics and war is conducted by governments on their behalf. In 2008 the financial system broke catastrophically. Many millions of people's lives were turned upside down. They blamed the banks for acting irresponsibly and formed the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Much was said, but on the surface not much has changed. What could even be done?In 2009, in the shadows of this great crisis, a new technology emerged to become the most profitable asset of the century - Bitcoin. The value of a ...
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