A.R. Steele
ASIN: B0866498MR
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 221

LUCASWho ever heard of a shy stripper? I somehow manage to put on an act for the customers, but interacting with my coworkers makes me want to melt into the floor. They're all sexy, outgoing, and confident - the complete opposite of me. When I somehow catch the most intimidating stripper's eye, I wonders if our mutual attraction could develop into more.ELIJAHStripping isn't my passion, but then neither is anything else. All I care about is weed and my motorcycle. At least this job's paying the bills until I can move on to better things. Fooling around with coworkers isn't in my plans - but once I notice the resident wallflower has a killer jawline and the body of a god, those plans change. Falling for Lucas, though? That's another matter. How could a delinquent and a wallflower ever find common ground?VIP Room is a full-length, standalone gay romance in the Tool Shed series.
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