Dariusz Gruca
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 17

How to learn programming 200% faster?The world is terribly busy, each of us would like to find time to fulfill our dreams, hobbies, or just relax. Agile's approach to software manufacturing has meant that from the program developer, more and more is required. It's not enough to be just a code writer. Other characteristics are becoming progressively important. What skill set will take your career to another level? You will learn this by reading this book. However, the most important thing you learn is simple methods that will speed up program learning by 200% or even more. What you will learn will change your life and career for ever.My name is Dariusz Gruca, I am a software creator living in Poland. Apparently, we are the best programmers in the world. Check it out! I deal with systems operating in the medical industry, their value can be estimated in millions of dollars. Technology is ...
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