Burislav Servest
ASIN: B0868P6TP1
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Pages: 114

The book in front of you gives answers to several questions. What happens after depends on the one who poses the question. For some, knowing technical methods of life prolongation would be enough; for others – achieving success by interacting with different people; the third man would be interested in the possibility of discovering HEAVEN ON EARTH; and some - the possibility of establishing direct contact with the supreme force. All this, and even more, is in this book. A system of coordinates, which allows you to determine your place in the world, as well as, choose the path of your heart – which is the most important thing which you will find to read about here. Well, to ask about that and get the exact answer can only be for those who have decided to "move beyond’. So, if you are one of that kind – PLEASE, YOU ARE WELCOME!
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