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Pages: 220

(Please note this is not a fanatic book on religion.)A young troublesome addict, Aurora, and a priest on a mission, Sebastian, form a beautiful friendship. Slowly their friendship takes a turn when Sebastian starts to slowly distance himself from Aurora, hiding his true reasons.This book delves into the depths of one family's struggles to reveal the core of human existence and the basis for all human life; the love of God. We long for it, even if we do not admit it, even though it is all around us. We run from it, even though we want it. We push it away, even though it is life sustaining. No matter how hard we deny it, push it away, or run from it, it is always there. Because God is always there. Simply waiting for us to accept it.This book is a gripping story of a family, most outstanding in the family is Aurora. Aurora does everything possible to run from God's love, until she meets a ...
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