Meg Buchanan
Publisher: Range Road Press
Pages: 152

It was Train Wreck that made Stadium. And Train Wreck finished us too. But a lot happened in between. There are five of us in the band, so five love stories woven around each other. No fairy tales. Not much happily ever after, because life gets in the way. So, most of the time, happy for now is good as it gets. Love Me Goodbye is the fifth book in the Train Wreck series. Adam I’m having a really bad night. So, I’m in a bar aiming for oblivion. It’s been my flatmate Pippa for me for as long as I can remember, and it looks like she’s just got back with Luke Then a beautiful girl walks in. If she’d come home with me that would show Pippa. Geneviève I see the boy in the bar watching me and realise he could be the answer to my problems. Things aren’t going well and I need to work out a way to disappear. I walk over to the bar and sit beside him.Love Me Goodbye From the moment ...
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