Tara Lee
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 336

Not all love stories are set in stone.Ours had heartache, destruction, and a broken ending.Ethan:Everything about Luna Hawkins made me want to be different. For years, I tried I really did. When I finally broke free of my demons, she planted me firmly in the friendzone. I'll fight to win her back no matter the cost. With the chemistry we have, I'm not holding back. I'll even play dirty if I have to. My past proves to be more difficult to keep away than I thought. I need to fight the addiction, need to stay focused, because Luna is what matters most.My purpose on this Earth is loving Luna unconditionally and wholeheartedly. My past wasn't full of sunshine and rainbows. It was a living hell. Runaway mother, abusive father, dead brother—yeah my life’s a damn dream. It made me dark and angry. Made me into someone I hated, but Luna made everything better. She made me want to be better. ...
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