Lorana Hoopes
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 184

Originally Titled: Her Second Chance Forever GroomThe man who broke her heart. The second chance she's not sure if she wants.Emmitt Brown's demons are even bigger than he is, and as a defensive lineman for a pro-football team, that's something. When the team captain tasks his defensive line to go home for Christmas and get rid of their biggest past regret, Emmitt finds himself returning to the small town he grew up in to find the woman he never should have left. Too bad she hates him and tells him to go away.Mia Carter can't believe Emmitt Brown is back in town. She does not need this right now. Especially since he's been the ghost who won't leave her conscience alone for the past five years and especially since she recently lost her husband. But when the pro football player steps up and offers to help her son fight cancer, she finds herself reluctantly agreeing.Now, they have to make a ...
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