James S. Johnson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 113

How many of you are stuck in your past or future? Please keep reading.How many times have you found yourself doing anything that you deeply regret afterward in a moment of distress? How do you get to lash out at the person you trust the most?How many of you are facing bad relationships?Interestingly, our closest relations tend to present us with the greatest challenges of our lives.The answer to all these questions lies in one simple concept of mindfulness, and this book contains the secret of having healthy and good relationships. By reading this book, you will learnConcept of mindfulnessMethods and techniques to become more mindful in your lifeHow to improve interpersonal skillHow to judge your behavior and its impact on othersHow to become the best of youHow you can teach mindfulness to your childrenImportance of living in the presentDifferentiate between toxic and healthy ...
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