Justin Christopher
Publisher: Browns Ink
Pages: 209

★ Ten-year-old Leo Wriggly enjoys the spoils of his parents’ unusual careers. Life as Professional Competition Winners has its perks. One enormous perk is a particularly lucky week that nets Mum and Dad a nice vacation for two. Unfortunately, that leaves Leo stuck at home with his old Aunt Margo.A stickler for rules, Aunt Margo is none too pleased with Leo’s behavior. When she witnesses him swallowing his chewing gum, that’s the last straw. Off to Friendly Island she sends him until his parents return, but things are not all they seem on the island.It doesn’t take long for Leo to discover Friendly Island isn’t so friendly after all. It’s a place where naughty children are sent to correct their disgusting behavior. Four other children arrive with him and soon unusual punishments are distributed, and the results are mind-boggling.Harriet is cursed with a bird’s nest atop her head for her ...
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5 stars from 18 ratings
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