Alex Gates
ASIN: B08713P6BM
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 260

Joseph’s To-Do List: Buy more beer. Remember to put on pants. Kill the goddess responsible for his daughter’s death… All in a day’s work. His patron stripped him of fire magic. The sorceress murdered his daughter in front of him. He just finished his last beer. Time to get off the couch and seek his revenge, while testing his new shadow-magic on monsters… ... or maybe pad over to the corner store for more booze.But when a nightmare from his past uproots his couched station, Joseph will have to face hard truths about his past and future. In a world of monsters, angels, demons, and gods, Joseph doesn’t know how he fits in. Can he overcome his fears to find the answers he needs? Or will his doubts continue to bury him? You’ll love this Urban Fantasy novel, because of the dark humor and the unique supernatural world. Get it now.
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