Sherine Anniruth
ASIN: B0871MW1M9
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 152

A remarkable and inspiring journey of a grieving mother, “The Ultimate Love” will make you shed a few tears. But it’ll also remind you to value every second you have with your loved ones and treasure the memories of those who passed away.It is about the author’s loss and can serve as a cathartic release for your own grief. As you read about her experience and how she tried to deal with this insurmountable loss, you will discover ways to cope with the grief and pain of losing your child and how to find the inspiring journey to go on with your life. Grieving is a journey that teaches us how to love in a new way. Let "The Ultimate Love" show you how.About the authorSherine Anniruth is an author and a registered nurse. She’s originally from South Africa but has moved to Perth in Australia a few years ago, where she’s been living ever since with her husband and children.Losing her eldest son ...
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