Shu Daizi
ASIN: B0874C11DM
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 54

This is the first book of a new story in the Bright Hall universe. Iris is an awkward geeky woman who gives up on her parents plans and strikes out on her own when she decides to go to graduate school. Her plans fall apart when she loses her funding. Forced by circumstances into taking a job at the Bright Hall Academy library, she is surprised to find her life becoming sexually charged in a way she never expected.In the first book, Iris leaves her graduate school and begins to settle in at Bright Hall. At the all-women school, she meets a striking and familiar cast from the The New Principal series: her new boss, the statuesque librarian and distant taskmistress, Veronica Rai; her dorm-mates, the bold and outrageous Cynthia and Deborah; and even Principal Lee himself. This time, however, the source of the erotic energy is not Principal Lee, but something else. There is a secret in the ...
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