Arleen Gabrio
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 68

Mike, and most of Carol’s household are still on the cruise ship. Mike’s Uncle Douglas has informed Mike that there are two bodies on the ship and they’ve been dead for one and two days. That meant that the women were killed right after the ship sailed. The next night, another body is found. Things get complicated very fast when Lenny tells Mike that one of the women was poisoned and dying before she was strangled. All the jewelry is missing. The bodies keep piling up. Mike feels like he’s cruising in circles while Peter joins a car race around the pool. His miniature car he is sitting in hits something that propels it over the swimming pool dumping Peter into the cold water. Peter can’t swim and starts walking on the bottom of the pool till he is rescued. There are twists and turns galore and lots of mystery. Join the fun as they solve another mystery! This is not a cliffhanger story! ...
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