Joseph Ray James
ASIN: B0876C7W6V
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 580

Grab your hammer (not that hammer) and settle in for your next great read? Quentin needs to put it all behind him. Enough of the pity brigade. What better way to do just that than by jumping into Sorrowsong, the greatest MMO that ever existed, now available in true VR?But there’s always a catch. Well, it’s more like a flaw. If you consider a mind-reading quest giver to be a minor glitch. Now the QG is in his head, rooting up memories best left buried. The game is playing Quentin. Quentin will have to make friends, level up, and find a way to outsmart the game before the launch party. Can Quentin fight his fears, defeat the game, and save the players? “5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE this book!” review by Nicole Crandall.“This book is definitely a 5 star and a must read for people that enjoy MMOs, or enjoy RPGs, or fantasy.” 5-star review from Rory.“This book is heartfelt and ...
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