Layla Sparks
ASIN: B0876FL1L6
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 20

A Short Steamy ReadI slowly moved my leg away from Bigfoot, not wanting to be torn to pieces. I wasn’t sure what he was capable of. His eyes then went dark in anger. He let out another low roar. “Okay, okay,” I said. “You can play a little, just don’t eat me.” His eyes then took on a quizzical look, listening to my soft voice against his roar. His face was covered in long black fur, covered in light dust from the mountains.An Amish woman who goes on a cabin trip with her family, gets lost in the woods. Allison comes across a creature in the woods that she’d only heard about in legends. Little does she know her life would change forever from an experience she’d never known.Will she go back to her family? Or will she stay with the beast who’s shown her things she’d never forget?Trapped & Spread in Bigfoot’s Cabin is a heartwarming, sexy erotica you’ll enjoy.
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