Marc Roche
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 202

Secret pocket-guide with the most important collocations in the IELTS reading and listening tests. You can use this mini-guide whenever you want for some quick high-focus revision.   IELTS Vocabulary Book 2: "IELTS Vocabulary Masterclass 8.5. BOOK 2: Master IELTS Collocations: Reading Vocabulary & Listening Vocabulary"The reason why IELTS Vocabulary Book 2 focuses exclusively on collocations in use:Many candidates preparing for IELTS, study countless hours learning hundreds of obscure high-level words, but they never realize something VERY IMPORTANT.The IELTS test is designed so that high-level vocabulary is usually not central to the information being transmitted. This means that you don’t need to know most of these words for the exam, you ONLY need to learn how to understand the general message based on the context.IELTS is designed to test your REAL ability in English and ...
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