Dr Catherine Sykes
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Pages: 112

Is everything getting on top of you?Do you find yourself exhausted on a regular basis?Does it feel like there’s too much to do, too much communication, too much uncertainty?In your efforts to keep up with your busy lifestyle, you may be multi-tasking like crazy but feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.If you’re regularly stuck in a cycle of never-ending exhaustion, or you feel like you’re heading that way, then this book is for you.Discover why you have been leading an exhausting life, and what steps you can take to regain a sense of calm and control.Best-selling author, Dr. Catherine Sykes, is an experienced chartered psychologist who has treated thousands of clients who bring diverse requirements and life aims.She has seen an alarming increase in clients whose mental health struggles and unexplained illness stories start with being too busy and constantly exhausted. Being ...
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