Steve Cederquist
Publisher: Ingenium Books
Pages: 170

Steve Cederquist has achieved success as a Hollywood reality TV personality (Flip or Flop), founder of a renovation design company, and award-nominated philanthropist. But before he got here, he took dangerous detours through alcohol, drugs, criminality, and destructive relationships.The trauma of child protective services moving his kids into foster care drove Steve to reform. Against all odds, Steve Cederquist turned his world around. In Get Out Alive: Surviving and Thriving After Drugs, Guns, Gangs, Dysfunction, and Crazy, he shares his story. Between chapters you’ll meet a cast of characters who go through Steve’s self-growth exercises. The responses of these characters are visceral and, throughout the book, you’ll see their progress. We’ve all made an error here and there; that’s how we learn. The natural path from there is to apply what we’ve learned and move ...
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