Lisa Nezneski
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 191

Faced with monumental life changes, Nezneski had no choice but to weave a new life. This story about rising to the challenge of forced change and isolation is prescient and timely. Thrown into sudden life-altering changes trigger chaos, turmoil, and deep emotions. There is hope and unexpected blessings in change.  There is life on the other side of chaos. Facing adversity head-on, Nezneski learned to love again and experience joy. “Driving near Savannah, it hit me. I went through big life changes when I was in North Carolina. It never would have happened if I had been living anywhere else. I don’t know what it is about North Carolina. But if you want to throw your life into utter upheaval, move to North Carolina. But batten down the hatches and close the storm shutters. You are in for an emotional hurricane.” In what felt like an instant, Nezneski lost her home, life savings, a ...
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