Caleigh Blue
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 135

F@ck love, that's how La'Toria feels, becoming a scorned woman before she meets dark and mysterious, Sway Gutierrez. She becomes curious, becoming physically attracted to him, wanting to know more about the sexy, balling @ss, bachelor. Sway watched his pops, murder his mother as a child, causing him to have trust issues when it comes to relationships. He doesn't have any intentions of getting attached to any woman, being the player that he is, but when he meets La'Toria, Sway is intrigued with everything about her, making her submit to his wants and needs. Sway is keeping a dark from La'Toria, and love becomes a four-letter word that is abused when hearts are broken. Spicy, La'Toria ex, refuses to let her go and wants the keys to the boss tycoon's kingdom. The only problem, nobody knows his identity. Smirkish n!gg@s and janky hoes turn against each other, but only a real boss tycoon ...
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