Andy Rose
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 36

Lost in the UnderworldWhat would you do if you were ferryman of the Underworld and an obnoxious woman boarded your boat? Would you escort her to the final gates of Hades or toss her into the river?The Oracle’s DoomMeliah, an oracle under the care of the famous Delphi, has had a vision. Of her own death. Should she attack her killer first or sit back and wait? She doesn’t have much time and every second counts.RebirthMark has earned an afterlife in the deepest, darkest pits of Tartarus after murdering his girlfriend in cold blood. But he can’t take it anymore. He petitions Hades for a second chance and is shocked to find his judge is the girlfriend he killed. Only she can decide his fate.Ouch, Fire Hot!Have you ever wondered what it is to be a healer to mythological creatures? Well, Atora has been the Underworld’s healer for eons. But one run in with the famous three-headed hydra could ...
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