Doug J. Cooper
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 381

Pandemic pricing! All books 99¢ (reg price $3.99)David “Diesel” Lagerford rides his T-box across timelines, where each stop is a parallel world with its own Diesel, wife Lilah, and daughter Rose. Its origin uncertain, the T-box is safe for any of the Diesels to use, and they do so to gather and bond in a tight brotherhood. But instant death awaits all other would-be travelers, a limitation unacceptable to the Lilahs and Roses. Determined to travel the timelines themselves, the “sisters” work to reverse engineer the T-box. But in their rush to succeed, they inadvertently expose the technology to an outsider—Sparky Fontaine—who exploits the information to build his own device. Intent on gaining immense wealth and power, Sparky uses his T-box to kidnap Diesel, and then makes alarming demands for his safe return. Cornered, the Lagerfords devise a high-stakes rescue gambit. But how do they ...
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