Richard DeVall
ASIN: B08847S2MW
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 283

Strange Bedfellows in Hot BuildingsA scorched earth survivors guideDystopian – sexy – quirky – dark humor – adult audience Strange Bedfellows in Hot Buildings is a page-turning action-packed novel. The characters are not stereotypical. The story is about survival in a dystopian period after an apocalyptic event. We follow a group to the end as they grow into a social unit. The book is sprinkled with dark and deadpan humor. In this edgy futuristic tale, Nelson Howard is a loner that soon learns he’s a superior lover from all his exploits in a popular program called Trollope Tours. Technically he’s a virgin. When the electricity in the 250 story building he lives in quits, he’s forced to leave his apartment. On a lower level, he meets a bi-sexual beauty, Guadalupe. She finds out that Nelson is above average in the bedroom. The couple scavenges empty apartments for food and stumbles across ...
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