Rocklyn Ryder
ASIN: B08861XL7T
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 77

Three pitchers of mimosas and one baby shower invite and the next thing I know, my girlfriends and I are making a pact!If I could do it over again-- I would wait:Wait till I was ready-- till I knew what "ready" meant. Wait till I knew myself better, wait till I knew what I really wanted from life, wait for someone special.That's what's going through my mind when my girlfriends and I start swapping war stories about how and when we all played our V-cards-- and what we'd do differently if we could get a do-over.Turns out, I'm not the only one at the table with regrets.So we make a pact. No more going too far with go-nowhere guys. From now on, we're saving ourselves for something special.It just figures the sexiest man I've ever met would show up just when I've sworn off any more flings, because he's only in town for the summer. Is Reagan just another reason we made the pact? Or could this ...
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